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Yes, it’s a bit different. That’s why it’s an ‘inspired’ look. I felt like it needed to be played down a bit to be more wearable, you know? Anyways, this is my interpretation of it. 🙂 Also, because I tried to go with colors that suited my skin tone better.
I didn’t apply false lashes because my eye shape prevents me from doing so… but if you can wear them, go ahead and slap them on!! 🙂

The reason I used both the Loreal Lineur Intense & the ELF gel liner is because the Loreal is EXTREMELY black and the ELF isn’t… but the Loreal is shiny, and the ELF isn’t. So I put the ELF on top of the Loreal to get rid of the shine. Also, to make the winged tip at the end. 🙂

Also, NO… those are NOT zits on my forehead. I had a sleep study last night, and they had to tape a bajillion wires all over my face, neck, chest, stomach, legs, back, ect… The tape they used had latex in it, and I’m allergic… therefore I now have a major rashy thing going on. :/

Products Used:
ELF 32 color eye shadow palette
ELF Gel Liner
ELF White Eyeliner
L’oreal Paris Lineur Intense Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner
L’oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Carbon Black Self-Advancing Eyeliner

Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Concealer
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
LA Colors Pressed Foundation Powder
ELF Blush ‘candid coral’

NYC Lipstick in ‘417 Flirty’


I think I used WAY to many different eye shadows for this look, but hey, I had mix colors to get colors I wanted. I literally think that all this eye shadow is weighing my eyelids down… I’m not kidding.

You have my permission to laugh at this photo. 🙂

I think this would be a great look to wear if you were going to go out on a Friday night. Maybe play it down a little though since this is very bold and dark.
Products I used are listed at the end of the video.

Yes, you heard right! I’m expanding my blog to wordpress now!!

My other blogs:

So my grandmother had hto leave by or before noon, and she called into the house wanting my dad to move the van because it was blocking her in. Needless to say… he wouldn’t get up. He just layed there.
I ended up having to be the one to back it out. Everything went wrong on so many levels… first, i’m being chased and attacked by a mob of cats trying to run under the van. Second, I’m trying to chase all those cats away. Third, i’m still pretty much still asleep in my head, because I just woke up like 30 seconds prior. Fourth, there is like no Dr I way space to back it out… its like trying to back out of a 5ft wide cap with a tra tor on one side, and a tree on the other… and another car smack dab half way into the small space.
Well as I was trying to back out I ended up hitting the corner of the back bumper on my dads tractor. Now everyone’s mad at me… even though technically it was my dads fault because he is the one that was supposed to move it. Fml.


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